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Security Solutions

It is imperative for organizations to guard against all kinds of information-security breaches as security has become an intrinsic factor to business growth, competitive advantage, protect the brand value and retain customers. Many organizations report financial loss due to security breaches, resulting in business loss, making security a top CIO concern. Also, government laws and regulations require that an organization follow stringent and well-documented security norms. While investing on security, a top priority is cost rationalization between “preventive” and “reactive” measures, with a need to obtain optimal ROI. Further, IT systems availability and recoverability in case of any disaster is also now a crucial part of the IT security portfolio.

Our Security and risk assessment solutions protects companies and minimizes their risk of exposure by performing on-site assessments to identify and fix problems before external reviews are conducted. These assessments are used to assist in determining compliance of internal IT operations, as well as evaluate the performance, compliance or capability of domestic and offshore service providers. This Assessment program uses a personalized and comprehensive, field-tested methodology, which is customized based on the risk factors and controls, critical to the business. Detailed work programs cover eight key operational areas including:

  • Corporate Policy & Governance
  • Standards & Operations
  • Physical Site Security
  • Human Resource Management Policy & Procedures
  • Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning
  • Information Systems Security
  • Immigration Practices
  • Contracting Practices
Network Security

To protect their networks from attacks, service providers must make security for all IP-based services a top priority. However, most security solutions are not built to support the scalability or performance required in service provider networks. The lack of scale and performance increases network and operational costs and can degrade network performance, negatively impacting revenue-generating services.OxySoft provide a scalable network security solution to support next-generation services such as VoIP and IPTV. Our security solution leverages industry-leading technology to protect the service provider network from both known and unknown threats.

Access Control

Employees, customers, guests, suppliers, partners — local and remote — require access to an enterprise’s networks to efficiently support business functions. However, there must be a balance of network access and risk mitigation at a reasonable cost and with low complexity for users and IT. OxySoft provides Access Control Solutions allow employees and non-employees as well as managed and unmanaged devices to share the same network infrastructure. Access Control Solutions deliver a comprehensive security solution that protects vital network resources and applications by controlling access for everyone — employees, guests, partners, contractors, and others.

Adaptive Threat Management

In today's enterprise, the network is a strategic asset. No enterprise can afford a security breach, compromised network performance, or unplanned downtime. But current security solutions can't adapt and scale to meet the changing security landscape that challenges the enterprise. OxySoft provides Adaptive Threat Management Solutions that significantly reduce threats and risks faced by an enterprise. The solutions identify, mitigate, and report on the most complex security attacks in real-time. At the same time, they support compliance requirements, simplify operations, and reduce management overhead without impacting the user experience.

MS Forefront Security

Microsoft Forefront delivers end-to-end security and access to information through an integrated line of protection, access and identity management products. Security should be a means to a business end. Microsoft is working to deliver business ready security to help companies achieve their business goals while managing risk and helping ensure that the right people always have access to the information they need to get their jobs done.

Forefront Security products deliver protection, access, and management solutions, built around user identity and integrated with a highly secure, interoperable platform. Our solutions help to deliver a more contextual and user-centric security solution aligned to the needs of our customers. Microsoft is working to achieve the goal of business ready security based on 3 fundamental tenets:

Integrate and Extend Across the Enterprise
  • Deeply integrates with the identity infrastructure and across the stack
  • Support for heterogeneous environments
  • On-premises and hosted solutions for seamless connectivity
  • Open standards and protocols based identity and security platform
Help Protect Everywhere, Access Anywhere
  • Defense in depth across multiple layers to help protect across endpoints, servers, and network
  • Secure identity-based access products help connect the mobile workforce virtually anywhere
  • Identity-aware protection help organizations secure information and enable policy-based access
Simplify the Experience, Manage Compliance
  • Enable centralized management of the environment and gain critical visibility into the state of the infrastructure
  • Help improve security and compliance through identity tracking and enforcement throughout the enterprise
  • Provide policy management features and reporting to enable auditing

Microsoft Forefront delivers business ready security through an integrated line of protection, access, and identity management products. The roadmap below outlines how Microsoft Forefront products and related platform technologies continue to evolve to better meet developing business needs and the changing threat landscape.