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Product Engineering

Software product engineering demands continuous innovation to capitalize on cloud computing, mobility, social media as well as emerging technologies. New products must be future-proof, while existing products must remain relevant by adopting advanced computing platforms, distributed computing methodologies and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) frameworks.

Infotouch offers a range of services across the software product lifecycle– from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to pre-sales support, maintenance and upgrade. Infotouch's Product Engineering practice partners with companies to develop niche products, enhance the maturity of existing products, and transform application portfolios. We combine cutting-edge product development tools with automated workflows to minimize engineering effort and eliminate defects.

Our knowledge-based model ensures operational effectiveness as well as seamless delivery. We anticipate future requirements while defining the product road map. Significantly, we analyze the impact of the modernization strategy on existing customers and systems. It facilitates the integration of new/ re-engineered products with the internal infrastructure as well as external systems such as RFID/barcode devices and mobile networks.

Infotouch's team of product engineers, design and test specialists, and domain experts focus on usability, scalability and interoperability to develop intuitive products. Our iterative development approach supports product enhancements and upgrades. We have developed approximately 60 complex products and modernized 20 products for global clients.

  • Protects Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Mitigates risks across the product development lifecycle
  • Incorporates best practices in project and product management
  • Accelerates time-to-market
  • Optimizes development and sustenance costs

Infotouch's Product Engineering practice transforms software ideas into innovative products. Our team of business analysts, product designers and technology specialists explore ideas, analyze the products landscape, and create a business case as well as Proof of Concept (POC) for products.

We build the product roadmap around the 'voice of the customer' through user surveys as well as discussions with the product development team of the client. Our experts focus on product differentiationand specific business issues to create products that appeal to end users, while realizing business value.

Generate Ideas

We help companies envision products with a competitive edge. We analyze the objectives of new/ modernized products, current business and technology scenario, and target market to generate product ideas.

Identify opportunity

We undertake market research to unearth customer requirements and business opportunities. In addition, we identify product features and functionalities to address latent demand.

Evaluate business requirements

We use MoSCoW analysis to determine the Must, Should, Could, and Would (MoSCoW) requirements of a product. The requirements are further categorized based on technical and operational parameters.

Assess technology fitment

We review technology, methods and development tools to optimize product development and enhance the lifetime value of products.

Document ideas

We maintain records of product ideas, feasibility studies, business requirements, and technology analysis.Our documents describe what the product should do and how it will accomplish the defined objectives.

Design and Architecture

Infotouch's technology architects leverage proven design and architecture to create futuristic products. We combine expertise in Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, cloud-based products and composite product frameworks with domain knowledge to develop products and variants that deliver compelling value.

We have designed more than 22 enterprise-class products using distributed process models.

Define Product

We adopt robust architecture such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to ensure scalability. Reusable components enhance product design.

Develop prototype

We build a product prototype / mockup and seek feedback from stakeholders. Inputs received are incorporated into the business requirements document. Significantly, the product is refined based on feedback / inputs.

Create variants

We generate product variants based on the mode of product distribution (desktop, SaaS, web, add-on, and mobile applications), business process (HR, finance and sales), and industry (healthcare,construction, etc.).


Infotouch's Product Engineering practice leverages agile processes to ensure rapid development and delivery excellence for world-class applications. Our product development methodology supports changes to requirements across the development lifecycle.

We integrate innovative technology and design with functional and domain experience to develop complex products. We follow security and installation guidelines for product packaging.

Our development expertise spans Microsoft platforms, third party tools and components (Telerik and Infragistics), and database such as Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Oracle RDBMS and MySQL. We use technologies such as InstallShield to create packaged products.

Infotouch adopts best practices for coding, compliance, application performance, and logic performance to ensure product quality. We leverage Microsoft Silverlight 4.0, Adobe Flash and jQuery for the presentation layer. Productivity tools such as ReSharper enhance the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Microsoft Team Foundation Server(TFS) facilitates code and bugs management across diverse platforms.

Testing / QA

Infotouch validates products to ensure the finished productmeets design specifications, fulfills functional requirements, and offers a superior user experience. We undertake comprehensive testing of new products, extensions and enhancements.

Our test procedures adhere to global quality standards. The test strategy depends on the product plan and development cycle. Test automation tools improve testing efficiency.

Product test strategy

Functional test strategy, automation test strategy, and performance test strategy.

Functional testing

System testing, integration testing, regression testing, and API testing.

Non–functional testing

Security testing, localization and globalization testing, and SOA and device testing.

Automation testing

Build Verification Test (BVT)and backend automation.

Release testing

Alpha, beta, acceptance, and deployment testing.

Sustenance testing

Patch/ hot fix, service pack, regressionand compatibility, release and deployment.

Infotouch migrated the backend database of a physical warehouse management software system to the cloud for an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in North America. We integrated the database with the existing business logic and user interface for more than 100 customers. We also created a multi-tenant architecture database for the implementation.

Deployment and Support

Infotouch's Product Engineering practice offers the early mover advantage to global product companies. Our approach ensures product releases are on schedule and within budget. We create product technical artifacts, training material, and marketing and sales collaterals for smooth product launches.

Accurate analysis of requirements and a robust design ensure viability of products. It minimizes risks in deployment and simplifies product management. Our team of engineers provides product hot fixes and patches for bugs and issues.

We have dedicated resources for software maintenance and support services, which includes functionality enhancement, new release migration support, and patch management. Significantly, we offer e-mail based technical support to our clients as well as their end customers.

Infotouch provides application maintenance and support services for 37+ companies.


On-premise, cloud and SaaS-based products.


New features such as reporting capabilities, industry or business process-specific variants, and mobile add-ons.


From .NET or JAVA to .NET 4.0, browser- and IIS-based, Azure cloud, or SaaS platforms.


Technical as well as marketing and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Infotouch's product development expertise extend to on-premise, SaaS and cloud-based products?

A. Infotouch has rich design and development experience across product hosting models:

On-premise products: We have developed several CRM products and helpdesk applications that use the client-server architecture and allow role-based access to internal teams through a web browser.

SaaS-based products: We develop account provisioning modules, payment gateways and provisioning switches based on the SaaS framework. In addition, we integrate SaaS websites with Microsoft platforms and open source databases for cost-effective operations.

Cloud-based products: We develop, deploy and maintain cloud-based products. Our product architecture ensures smooth operations.

Q. Can Infotouch extend products or create variants of products?

A. We extend products to new technology platforms and also commission variants of diverse products:

SaaS variant of on-premise products: Our expertise in SaaS-based product development spans technology strategy, product sales and provisioning.

Industry product variants: We create vertical-centric products based on existing generic products.

Cloud variant of on-premise products: We create products with composite architecture and host components on the cloud.

Q. Does Infotouch build product add-ons?

A. We package value-added versions as standalone products. We also reinforce existing products with useful features

BI add-on for enterprise products: We incorporate robust reporting and analytical capabilities into mature products.

Workflow capabilities for existing products: We add workflow-centric capabilities into business process-specific products.

Mobile add-ons: We extend existing products and capabilities to mobile platforms.

Industry specific add-ons: We address specific needs of industries by re-platforming/ scaling up products.

Customer segment add-ons: We meet the requirements of customer focus groups. For instance, we helped an education service provider augment CRM capabilities using XCRM.

Q. Can Infotouch undertake multiple product integration?

A. We integrate multiple products and functional capabilities to address customer, process and regulatory requirements. Our product integration experience includes embedding analytics products for document and records management, combining reporting products with security solutions, and integrating risk management into security solutions.

Q. How can Infotouch help in product support and maintenance?

A. We help product management teamsredefine product sales strategies and expand product reach. Our services include post-sales support for end users as well as post-release maintenance for the product. Our Professional Services provide product implementationand update services, and technical support.

Q. Can Infotouch develop products using a preferred technology?

A. Our Research and Development (R&D) team exploresemergingtechnologies for new product development. We adopt tools and technologiesin consultation with our clients.

Q. How does Infotouch ensure clear definition of applications?

A. Our product culture, understanding of the business environment, and experience in leading-edge technologies drive product ideation and design. Our team of researchers and analysts use scientific methods to unearth business and customer needs and translate them into product goals.