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Mobility transforms the character of the modern enterprise. The ubiquitous use of smart phones and devices unleashes a mobile workforce. When the enterprise adopts Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) computing, knowledge workers share, collaborate, transact, and conduct business across borders in real-time.

Mention of Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)

Infotouch partners with companies to harness the benefits of mobility across the enterprise. Our Mobility practice delivers compelling value by aligning business with IT, and connecting people, processes and data to realize enterprise mobility.


Infotouch offers consulting services to harness the benefits of mobility. Implement the most relevant approach' with 'Implement best of both worlds approach'. Infotouch helps you leverage mobility to open new revenue channels, boost the productivity of employees, and increase agility across the enterprise.

Implement the most relevant approach

The mobile landscape of an enterprise spans a suite of products, systems, applications, and devices. Infotouch connects the dots and charts a road map linking users, processes and data. Our Mobility practice partners with enterprises to adopt a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and point/ custom application that is best suited to your ecosystem. We blend Mobile Application Management (MAM) with Mobile Device Management (MDM) to ensure performance as well as security.

Adopt Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) computing

Infotouch helps enterprises implement a comprehensive security policy spanning devices, applications and networks for BYOD computing. Our mobile security blueprint safeguards sensitive data via user identification, authorization and authentication, biometrics, and encryption/ decryption techniques.

Identify new revenue streams

Mobility unleashes new business models while enhancing productivity across the enterprise. Infotouch helps companies realize the potential of mobility to open new revenue streams while reducing the total cost of operations across hardware, software, licensing, upgrade, and support.

Mobile Enterprise Platforms
  • Convertigo
  • IBM Worklight
  • Kony
  • OpenMEAP
  • Sybase Unwired Platform
Point Solution and Custom Platform
  • Sencha Touch
Mobile Application Development

Infotouch develops native, web and hybrid mobile applications across platforms. Our Mobility practice helps enterprises leverage the mobile advantage for business processes. Our applications that have gained mass acceptance include mobile analytics and reporting apps, store locators, financial advisory services, and business process apps with line of business integration.


Infotouch focuses on business and functional requirements to design mobile applications for compelling utilitarian value. Our Mobility practice develops applications that are compatible across platforms, operating systems and mobile devices. Our applications are optimized to function smoothly with minimal memory usage, overloading and latency.


Infotouch accords top priority to the security of data and privacy of users. Our approach to mobile application and device management safeguards business interests while enabling enterprise mobility. Our team of professionals adopts robust security models and techniques for user identification, authorization and authentication, biometrics, and encryption/ decryption.

User experience (UX)

Infotouch benchmarks mobile applications against best practices in usability. Our UX professionals use the principles of responsive interface for an intuitive, device-agnostic user experience.

  • Objective C (iOS)
  • Java (Android SDK)
  • C/ CPP (Android NDK)
  • C#/ Silverlight (Windows Mobile)
  • J2ME (BlackBerry)
  • HTML-CSS-JavaScript (hybrid/ web application)
Enterprise Mobility

Mobility offers vast potential to transform how enterprises conduct business.It realizes timely sharing of information and collaboration across the enterprise. A mobile workforce can access data in real time and make informed decisions on-the-go. Significantly, enterprise mobility develops a symbiotic relationship between business and IT.

Infotouch reengineers and automates business processes of companies in their journey towards enterprise mobility. Our Mobility practice helps you make the right choice of platform (point vs. mobile enterprise application platform), hardware, software, and applications. Our team guides you on accelerating the return on mobility investments and managing upfront capital expenditure, while reducing operational expenses of licensing, upgrade and support.