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Information Management

Infotouch's BI practice builds supply chains of information that deliver the right information to the right person(s) at the right time. Our data approach – for creation, integration and consumption – provides a single version of truth as well as compliance. A steady stream of useful business data streamlines operations and improves productivity.

Superior information management maximizes the value of data for informed decisions. We ensure reliability of data by cleansing and enriching data from diverse sources. Our information management services include data migration, database modeling and architecture, and data profiling.

We streamline data sharing across the enterprise by providing a common point of reference for data. Our frameworks and tools for information management standardize data, while ensuring data privacy. Our data maintenance and governance processes identify errors and eliminate redundancy.

Our expertise includes data mapping, data management and data storage for Line of Business (LOB) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. We implement and maintain Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages. Our scalable ETL strategy standardizes information, while minimizing data latency. Significantly, we capitalize on big data technologies for a consolidated view of enterprise data.

Reporting and Analytics

Infotouch embeds advanced reporting and analytics into business applications. Graphical representation of enterprise data and accessibility across user devices enables prompt decisions followed by actions. Interactive graphs, strategic dashboards and balanced scorecards provide actionable intelligence for informed decisions.

We implement packaged kits and build customized analytical solutions across industries and business functions. Our services include defining KPIs and the analytics strategy, designing the architecture, and implementation, maintenance and upgrade of solutions.

Our best practices approach to strategic and tactical reporting ensures contextual intelligence to improve operations, optimize the supply chain, accelerate product innovation, and retain customers.

We combine popular BI reporting and analytics tools for:
  • Ad hoc reporting: To filter and drill-down into specific data
  • Operational analytics: For enterprise performance management and financial control
  • Click-stream analytics: To understand online customer behavior and detect fraud
  • Text analytics: For analyzing sentiments, predicting customer churn, and identifying cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities
  • Predictive analytics: To simulate strategic scenarios, sense opportunities and mitigate risks