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OSHAD (Abu Dhabi Occupational Health & Safety Center) Introduces "Al Adaa" first electronic application to the Government Entities proudly developed & implemented by Infotouch Technologies.

Al Rumaithi: The Abu Dhabi Government is keen on providing a safe work workplaces that guarantees the safety of workers as part of a comprehensive system

- Seventy government entities and 2,500 private sector companies from 10 different sectors included in the “Al Adaa” app

The Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHAD) has organized an informative workshop in regard to its “Al Adaa” application, which provides a unified database for all things related to occupational safety and health in the emirate.

The workshop was attended by Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Deputy Commander in Chief of Abu Dhabi Police and member of the Executive Council, Dr. Jaber Eidha Al Jabri, Director General of OSHAD, members of the Safety, Security and Justice Committee at the Executive Council, officials from entities participating in the program, and occupational safety and health experts from public and private institutions and companies.

Speaking at the event, Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Deputy Commander in Chief of Abu Dhabi Police and member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council said that “OSHAD’s launching of “Al Adaa” application, which regulates aspects of occupational safety and health for all workers and employees in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, confirms the government’s commitment to implementing all practices that improve the work environment and guarantee the safety of workers as part of a comprehensive system.”

His Excellency stated that the Abu Dhabi government believes that protecting human resources from injuries and accidents, and preserving their health are the joint responsibility of all entities concerned. He then noted that this responsibility is reflected in the government’s interest in implementing an occupational safety and health system that keeps up with developments in the emirate.

He went on to explain that the project to automate occupational safety and health procedures using the latest technologies is another leading step taken by the emirate in this field, adding that “Al Adaa” application will contribute to adopting the best practices in occupational safety and health, and to implementing standards with consistency, flexibility and efficiency.

“Al Adaa” application is considered a leading step in the path toward improving the occupational safety and health system in the emirate as it is the first of its kind in the entire region. It uniqueness comes from being the only application to automate and regulate all aspects of occupational safety and health in a unified and consistent manner.

By creating this application, OSHAD seeks to facilitate the process of providing data related to the management of occupational safety and health in a unified and comprehensive manner. It further aims at developing measures adopted to limit accidents and injuries at work, following-up on the necessary corrective measures to prevent accidents from recurring, and monitoring the implementation of the Abu Dhabi occupational safety and health system’s standards and requirements by all the entities concerned.

In the same context, Dr Jaber Eidha Al Jabri said, “We are proud to launch the first application dedicated to occupational safety and health, which will provide regular and yearly reports on all relevant aspects at the level of government entities and work sectors. The application also contributes to activating communication between OSHAD and the entities concerning all subjects related to occupational safety and health.”

He added that the application “is considered an important step in activating the occupational safety and health system as it facilitates the process of obliging the entities concerned to implement the system requirements and issue the relevant performance reports.”

Operations related to “Al Adaa” system will be ran by the units developed within the application, which include about 40,000 relevant public and private entities. Occupational safety and health requirements may be submitted through the application, and review and adoption operations can be made through it by OSHAD. Furthermore, the application supports performance reports, notices and information about accidents, awareness notices, and follow-up on corrective measures. It should be noted that OSHAD has held a series of workshops to train employees at the entities concerned on how to best use the application.

Al Jabri further stated that “The development of the application was completed in two stages. The first consisted of managing the operations of the Abu Dhabi occupational safety and health system such as approval processes, reporting methods and the submission of accident notices. The second stage included inspection and auditing operations, and corrective measures with the aim of guaranteeing an integral implementation of the system’s requirements.”

The application contains a number of features, including completely and instantly following-up on all occupational safety and health operations, identifying risks, determining the costs of procedures, issuing clear and highly accurate reports on the performance of entities, contributing to monitoring, follow-up and supervision operations, and guaranteeing the optimal use of resources.

So far the occupational safety and health systems of 70 government entities have been adopted, and the number of private sector institutions participating in the application has reached 2,500 entity specializing in various activities. Furthermore, 10 different sectors have collaborated with OSHAD to follow-up on and commit to the standards of occupational safety and health. These sectors include building and construction, commercial activities, education, waste, transport, tourism, energy, food, industry, and health.