Dubai Inspires. Being in this city of endless possibilities all you need is your own motivation to do something unique, meaningful and worthwhile. We believe this City has all that it takes, and more than that to help weave your dreams, and put them onto a platform where you can see them transforming into realities. A motivating business environment, ease of doing business, a very transparent and helpful governmental support mechanism, and infrastructural availability's all put together help you to get going with your business aspirations and deliver.

Some ten years back, when Dubai was on a fast track to dominate international maps as one of the top cities of the world, we felt that with so much of positive developments going all around us , the time was right to step in your own domain and knowing the market, develop your own solutions and add to the world class offerings that Dubai and UAE have locally!

Infotouch has grown to be in the league of leading Systems Integrator and solutions provider. We undertake turnkey IT projects for eServices, eSolutions, Business Automation and Tier 3 IT Infrastructure and IT security solutions. Our major business comes from government and large enterprise clients and equally strong incomes from our SME customers. We deliver Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Nintex and custom built IT and eSolutions to our customers through our own teams and sources. From very humble beginnings in 2007 with a 3 member team and a meagre working capital, Infotouch today has more than 100 members in the team spread across its offices in different countries, working tirelessly to deliver our solutions and meet the cutting edge requirements of clients. In UAE and elsewhere we operate. Today, Infotouch is empanelled with most of the government entities, Oil and Gas companies, Large and SME clients. Our solutions portfolio has also grown to deliver a total IT eSolutions, Applications Infrastructure and Security solutions to our clients.

Infotouch has grown out of its infancy into becoming a matured organization. We have developed our niche areas, we now know what we had been doing best and continuously work on setting our goals higher. We have also noticed many areas where we know we can do better. We have started implementing our ISO standardization processes and putting in place the Work-Life balance programs for our human resources. We are getting ready to take on the regional business and take our company across GCC network as a Dubai based company.

We are now aiming to raise our bar to become one of the most desired IT solutions and business enhancement solutions provider for Governmental and Enterprise level clients and make the word class solutions and services available for our clients in the markets we operate. By the end of this year we will be deploying our own data center to provide managed hosting and data services to our clients, aiming to provide the most secure and effective cloud services to all the SME clients in the UAE.

The Presidents Report 2016

On behalf of the Management of Infotouch, I present the annual report for Infotouch technologies for the year period ending 31 March 2014.

We embarked on the mission 2013-2014 with a vision of “Excellence in Engagement, Execution and Entitlement. After the renaissance period of 2011, and lean but growing 2012, as expected 2013/14 turned out to be a year of consolidation and new opportunities. The regional turmoil else-where in Gulf countries like Syria, Egypt and Libya had diverted a lot of business opportunities for UAE. Within the IT sector, a major shift was seen on the IT infrastructure side and for IT security solutions. We as a company, managed to accomplish what we intended to do and grow in the direction we were expecting ourselves to be moving. Our performance through last 12 months has been progressive, robust and evolving. We are much energized with a fact that our projections for the next year look very healthy, and formidable. This is a very comfortable position to be in with a set of very positive challenges to be handled. We have continued with our legacy of receiving appreciation and acknowledgment from our clients and associates for our unique approach and Customer Service. For 2014-2015 we expect to be on an overdrive. The eApplications and IT Infrastructure practices are world-class, internationally competitive enterprises. ‘IT’ security and Mobile Applications are our new performance zones. We have made enough in-roads technologies wise and projects wise to grow them into a formidable segment. We are looking very much ready to address the demands on these verticals.

The company ends the year with some very important, long drawn projects in hand. Our financial commitments and obligations have all been met diligently. The company has continued to expand and invest majorly in resource augmentation and development of new and subsidiary markets. Our business is secure, healthy and robust and in good stead and momentum going into a positive looking year of 2014-2015.

Infotouch has been honored and awarded a coveted ranking in the prestigious Dubai SME100 as one of the top 100 best performing, fastest growing SME’s in the UAE, for the year 2013. SME 100 is a premier ranking of Dubai's 100 top performing SMEs, launched by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development. Infotouch is ranked as an elite member of the Dubai SME100 club, identified as the one of the Dubai's top SMEs that are role models the Emirate can be proud of. Dubai SME100 recognizes companies like Infotouch that have the potential to be world-class enterprises – who invest in innovation and people to sustain growth.

Financial performance

The company’s revenues have continued to grow. Revenue inflows have been steady, solid and consolidated. We are much assured with our trust on the sustainable strength of the Infotouch business model. Not only were we able increase revenue from existing customers, we also managed to open new revenue channels through new and existing clients. We are backing ourselves to meet and exceed our projections for the coming year, professionally and efficiently. The performance of the previous year is a result of our focus on continued growth and innovation. Our major thrust this year will be have an aggressive growth in top line and to complete the process of market capitalization while duly applying efficiency controls to new business gains.

The series of extraordinary circumstances that has impacted bottom lines in 2012-13 have not completely finished yet. We continue to address these exceptional issues with a series of initiatives while inducting new business lines and discontinuing low performing strategies.

IT Applications and Mobile Applications

Year on year, IT applications business has been our favorite business lines. With the advent of new products like EPM, DMS, and BI getting added to SharePoint and .net based portfolios, we have had enough inertia in overall business performance. We have continued our trend of delivering some very significant and critical projects in the last one year. Many strategically important projects within the government sector are now ‘live’ and have opened a huge area of cross-sell opportunities. As had been the case in previous 4-5 years, our forecast in this line looks very exciting and promising. We will continue to expand majorly in this area while we formally establish our major development Centre to augment the growing team of Techno-functional consultants based in UAE.

IT Infrastructure

While the opportunities in this line have been well within our expectations, the impact it is likely to have on our future times has surprised us. This year we had seen a magnanimous growth in our IT security and authentication portfolio. Our formidable team of in-house certified Senior Consultants is growing by the month and this last year we co-hosted a very successful IT security event at GASCO. We have also upgraded our offerings from Symantec which now includes a through the line IT security portfolio.

Following our initial entry to the Africa market we expect further growth opportunity in 2014-14. So far, the foray into these new markets has been tentative and reactive. We have had to take account of additional unseen political circumstances in Africa, which has had further restrictive impact on the final period result. We are redefining our approach in African market. We are also correcting any other under-performing solution-line in the profile. These corrections will allow the positive performance of the majority of the offerings to increase over the year and dominate 2014 results.

Networking and Communications

We have had a mixed year of wins and misses in Networking business. Our Cisco Partnership was reinvented where-as we discontinued Juniper and Avaya competencies. We have taken some progressive steps to contain outsourcing cost impacts and reduce costs. These cost impacts include our exit from outsourcing networking projects to contain such services by developing in-house teams. Importantantly, a new project management team is succeeding in getting key networking project opportunities back in pipeline. The build has been bit slow but not sluggish, and it is important that the new energies and initiatives are allowed to dominate the planning and marketing agenda, where the clients and innovative solutions remain our primary focus.

This priority is taking longer than we wish. However, the spectrum of business lines up ahead in 2014 into 2014 looks very promising. With the economic sector seeing a continuous improvement cycle, we trust that we have enough opportunities coming our way to be consolidated. We believe in the business and the people. We have to be a little more patient, but we remain resolute and determined to succeed. This last 12 months we have tried as much as possible to strengthen our Managed Services portfolio. New clients in the Government, Enterprise, oil & gas sector have brought in a large scale possibilities for our various lines. While we as a company are evolving by the day, we are taking our growth in good stead and retaining a positive view and planning focused investment in future growth.

Important Projects

Last year saw the initiations of some major projects like IDMS and Oracle Hyperion with GASCO, IT Infrastructure with Dahabshiil, eApplications projects at EAD, automation projects at ENOC and a long drawn tie-up with Dragon Oil. These projects are not only strategically important but potential game changers for us.

Our major stake holders at client’s sides often mention that they have come to expect Infotouch to uphold the highest international standards of performance and quality services. Taking it as a benchmark and an ever evolving mission, we have developed our policies to ensure we live up to those expectations. We have taken steps on risk and compliance to ensure the out-of control events shall not impact our overall business outlook. Our previous year’s initiative of developing business internally has reaped rich dividends by way of ensuring greater focus on in-house development creation of Intellectual property ensuring greater control and speed of reaching out to the market.

Our Infrastructure business has a new portfolio in IT Security . Although we had been doing IT security solutions, but never ever before we have felt the need to have a dedicated business line and focus. The IT Infrastructure business is now re-structured as Core IT, IT Security and Networking. Our expansion plans will see our formal incursion into Cloud.

We have reasserted the basic priorities of the business on the things that matter most to our customers: solutions, services, quality, compliance, efficiency, on-time in-cost project and delivery, and developing and empowering outstanding people.

In order and pursuit that meets our criterion of ‘best team in the field’, we have completed our process of setting up an operating base in Abu Dhabi. We are now in process of putting up a functional office ensuring timely action and reach to our huge customer base at AbuDhabi ensure the continuing financial strength and stability of the business. Our Operations at Abudhabi will also see a major addition in our sales portfolio by way of distribution business in GCC and Africa. This phase shall include funding for new markets in GCC and Africa and expanding our marketing base in USA to become a functional. For future financing, numerous opportunities have arisen, particularly from some of our major Banks that could not support us previously given the market syndication. The distribution business model resonates well with this form of financing.

I Am Infotouch

This year also saw a major initiative on our HR front, where we adopted our CSR program and started deploying our ‘Hire-to-retire’ policy of people retention. A dedicated program “I Am Infotouch” was launched to promote interaction amongst channels, professional camaraderie, and belongings-through-contribution. A fully enabled intranet setup now allows all ranks of the organization to contribute their ideas, thoughts, and white-papers plus social networking within the organization. The Work-life balance programs are in process of taking final shape and we are expecting to launch perhaps a first of its kind program locally in UAE.


Unlike many companies who want to get ISO 9001 certified just to satisfy one customer requirement who probably state that they will only do business with vendors that are certified as ISO 9001 compliant, they need that certification. This is a short term payoff. Not falling in that line, Infotouch intends to focus on long-term benefits, like “if we keep our clients well satisfied, they will want to come back again and again”.

We at Infotouch wish to embrace the concept of Quality through ‘continual improvement’. We understand that continued customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of a QMS. In other words, we just do not want to obtain a piece of paper (ISO certificate) that claims ISO 9001 certification, but wish to insure actual quality or processes effectiveness. Our — Our immediate gain — we will put our Clients in front and reap rich benefits in the long run.

Infotouch has subscribed to the relevant Quality Programs such as (1) ISO9001:2008/2014, (2) ISO 20000: ITSM, (3) ISO 27001. The ISO 9001 QMS has a way to ensure the company stays focused, and that’s quality auditing. Internal audits, registration (and surveillance) audits, and self-process audits. This program will help Infotouch to periodically audit its quality processes. Regular process audits and as-needed audits, will be able to provide the objective feedback needed to correct any deviations from the quality path and keep the Infotouch focused on its goals.


With the dark shades of recessive economy now well past immediate memory lanes, we have an attractive business funnel brewing extensively and we are on a robust growth path.

In the natural business cycle of Infotouch, first half of the year has always been strategic, being the time of new budgets being implement, vacations setting in and then Ramadan period. This year incidentally the Ramadan timeframe coincides with the same period as of summer vacations, which has a temporary but sometimes high- cost / lower-revenue impact.

With Dubai’s Expo 2020 bid getting stronger by the day, the businesses around the region have starting to build themselves up to that opportunity. Government of Dubai has also launched its Smart City project which has a direct positive impact on our business lines.

We have the confidence of some magnanimous growth in our business lines although we have been careful in anticipating business prospects. We are very confidently positioned at the right place and hopefully the timing seem to just right and we are looking to be headed in the right direction. The timing of the announcements of huge initiatives by the governments around us could not be better, with ourselves being ready on both Enterprise and Governmental verticals. The new investments in project management and better business processes are focused where it should be – on-time in-cost delivery to the Clients.

With the global economies getting better, industry and market trends look positive for our businesses. Regional forecasts estimates that eSolutions based IT spending in 2014 will be up at-least 35%, with federal Governments deploying some of its major initiatives particularly in expanding eServices throughout the country. This is good news for all our businesses, not just IT Applications. The Economist survey of senior executives in the oil & gas industry predicts oil prices shall remain high and benchmark oil prices should still average US$ 100/barrel one year from now. We had shown resilience even in times of recession and low oil prices governing business in our zone. So these predictions bode well. Added to that, there is specific opportunity ahead for the IT security business in the region, across GCC and even Africa. Iraq opportunities have started to flow in where for instance, government infrastructure investment plans offer growth opportunity for Managed and Professional Services.

expanding into newer markets now remains a possible mission for the company. We believe our priority should be to press ahead with consolidation in the growth in the business and catch the momentum of an upturn in global economic sentiment while we take our careful steps in the direction of profitability. We believe we are on the path of our serving success and future growth, where by achieving true value recognition. An overall offering of the company’s collective businesses, based on international forecasts and industry’s anticipations, illustrates the true embedded value of the Infotouch’s business lines. When the time is right, there is no reason why this value may not be realized,

Appreciation and a note of Gratitude

would like to thank our esteemed clients for their unswerving support and confidence through a very tricky and challenging year. I will also like to extend our sincere gratitude to our principal vendors like Symantec, Microsoft, Nintex and others who have extended us whole heated support in meeting the huge expectations of our clients. The management wish to thank our Bankers who have helped us with our ongoing initiatives. With their available support and assistance, we were able to accomplish what we had set out for ourselves. We also wish to extend our gratitude to the management and staff of TECOM, who have provided us all the support as and when it was required. Our employees and our consultants have been our core strengths because of whom we are what we are. Our staff throughout this growing company of ours has made all the difference in setting up the stage of an upcoming attractive year of business – Thank you.

As a UAE company we are proud to pay tribute and extend heartiest thanks to the country’s great leadership. The stability and resilience of UAE’s economy and the pace of its social and economic development provide a bedrock foundation for companies like us to thrive and prosper in a formidable business atmosphere.

We move on to the new financial year of 2014-15 with strong Aspirations of Growth in Business & Quality and Excellence in our Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Amitabh Tiwari


CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

Infotouch has embedded its governance based on some well-established norms of corporate social responsibility.

Our policies of corporate self-regulation are tightly integrated into our governing business model. Infotouch’s CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby the business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. Infotouch’s implementation of CSR goes beyond compliance as it strives to engage itself in events and actions that aspire to further some social good, clearly beyond the business interests of Infotouch. Infotouch has embarked on this process with the aim to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

As part of CSR mindset, we create and develop our policies keeping in mind our corporate conscience. We Endeavor to develop our organizations and the members of the organization to contribute on their Social Performance, achieve its corporate citizenship through a set of well-defined sustainable and responsible business methodologies.

Infotouch’s CSR program is being evolved to lead Infotouch’s mission as well as a guide to what the company stands for and will uphold to its clients and Stake holders. We are continuously developing our business ethics is one of the forms of applied ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that can arise in a business environment. We are also pursuing ISO 26000 to go with the best practices and being recognized as per international standards for CSR.

As part of its CSR initiatives, Infotouch has embarked on its contribution to the Local Governments Green Initiatives where we encourage Car Pools, Minimalistic Lead generation, resuse paper, and contribute whatever we can to distress global Warming. All Infotouch premises are fitted with Low Energy Electrical fitments and we do not promote use of excessive paper for normal office use.

Blood Donation:

Infotouch has subscribed itself to Department of Health and Medical Sciences Blood Donation program, where we conduct Blood Donation Camps to facilitate desirable people to come and donate blood by Governments own Blood Donation campaigns. Our recent Blood Donation camp was a huge success in which more than 200 people participated and more than 90 people were able to donate their blood. Each and every participant was facilitated with a certificate of appreciation and thanksgiving hamper.


Infotouch regularly participates in Government nominated and approved Charity programs and events. We are in process of getting a legal attestation to Infotouch’s program of Contribution, where by a certain % of our Professional Services projects will be contributed to institutions serving Special needs


Infotouch is in process or creating an NGO where by it will endeavor to help needy and deserving Emirati and other students for higher education training and experience.

Business Ethics & Compliance Program

Infotouch wish and strive to be fair and ethical in everything we do. From people we – work with and to people we work for. To ensure this Infotouch takes very seriously its business ethics, corporate governance and transparency of operations. The evolving of our Ethics and Compliance program is the initial steps that we are taking to formally launch Infotouch as a global organization. The program is designed to:

  • Develop and promote the highest ethical standards amongst Infotouch personnel.
  • Be effective in preventing, detecting and appropriately reporting and addressing any allegation of misconduct and violations of law by Infotouch personnel.
  • Comply with governmental procedures, laws and regulations. Infotouch’s Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct apply to Infotouch employees, as well as third parties, acting on Infotouch's behalf in line with the standards and practices that an Infotouch employee is required to uphold.

Our Ethics & Compliance program includes written standards and procedures; training and communications; ongoing support of senior managers; enabling initiatives and delegation of authority; auditing and monitoring; consistent enforcement and discipline; and response and prevention.

Infotouch Code of Business Ethics

The Infotouch Code of Business Ethics is an evolving platform, to keep the regional dynamics in place, has been substantively developed over the years and a new version is set the be announced by this September 2013. Our Code is built on a foundation of our core values, illuminated by "action statements." We have enhanced our Code with a revised set of action statements that describe a broad spectrum of behaviors for our people to put the core values in action. Action statements describe the behaviors we seek and “key ideas” provide concise examples of how these action statements apply to everyday work at Infotouch. Our Code also includes guidance from leadership, the Five Cs, an explanation of responsibilities and an index of key terms. Learn more about the key ideas behind Infotouch’s action statements and browse through them, using the arrows to scroll left—right, and select an action statement topic to read more.